Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, encompasses mountainous terrain, medieval villages and Muslim and Christian landmarks. Its countryside is marked by deep gorges, turquoise rivers and lakes, and the Dinaric Alps’ forests and crags. It’s a popular destination for outdoor sports such as hiking, mountain biking, white-water rafting and skiing.

Capital: Sarajevo
Currency: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
Continent: Europe
Fertility rate: 1.27 births per woman (2012) World Bank
Neighboring countries: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro

Price included: 3 Nights / 4 Days

**** Hotel, Breakfast, Tour, City tax, VAT 17%

First stop on our tour will be Seher-Cehajina Bridge, that connects Spite house and City Hall. After City Hall we'll proceed to the heart of Old Town - main square Baščaršija. On the way well cross the street with restaurants of bosnian traditional dish Čevapi. From Baščaršija we'll move down the Sarači street to Gazi Husrev Bey's mosque. It's the most important mosque in Sarajevo with beautiful story of its builder.
Sarajevo is multicultural, multireligious and multiethnical city for centuries. Nearby Gazi Husrev Bey's mosque there are Jewish old and new temples, Sacred Heart Chaetedral and Old Orthodox Church. Moving from Sweet corner trough Bezistan, Sarajevo's covered market from Ottoman Empire, to one of the most visited locations in Sarajevo, Latin bridge. Famous for assassination of Austro - Hungarian archduke Franz Ferdinand, what triggered the WWI.
At themorrning, at 08:30 hrs., We depart to the Travnik. Upon arrival we will make Travnik city tour.
The Lasva Valley was a main trading route from Dalmatia, Serbia and beyond. Travnik, heralded as the European Istanbul, soon became known for its magnificent oriental architecture and bustling trade centers. Of all the ethnically mixed communities in Bosnia, this region in particular enjoyed a harmonious balance of Catholic and Muslim inhabitants (with a much smaller Orthodox community).
After Travnik City tour, We will have optional lunch in Travnik. This place characterizes so called Blue Watter, and unique art of coffee cooking. Further, We continue to the Jajce.
After visiting, we will return tosarajevo.
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