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Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, encompasses mountainous terrain, medieval villages and Muslim and Christian landmarks. Its countryside is marked by deep gorges, turquoise rivers and lakes, and the Dinaric Alps’forests and crags. It’s a popular destination for outdoor sports such as hiking, mountain biking, white-water rafting and skiing.

Capital: Sarajevo

Dialing code: +387

Currency: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

Continent: Europe

Population: 3.829 million (2013) World Bank

Price included: 4 nights/5 days

*** Hotel, Breakfast, Tour, City tax, VAT 17%


First stop on our tour will be Seher-Cehajina Bridge, that connects Spite house and City Hall. After City Hall we'll proceed to the heart of Old Town - main square Baščaršija. On the way well cross the street with restaurants of bosnian traditional dish Čevapi. From Baščaršija we'll move down the Sarači street to Gazi Husrev Bey's mosque. It's the most important mosque in Sarajevo with beautiful story of its builder.

Enjoy cycling along rivers and great cycling paths. Cycling across city and experiencing its varied landscape - you will love it! No matter if you prefer cycling along the bike paths or take the challenge to cycle numerous passes. If cycling has cast a spell on you, this is the right place for you. The variety of offers is huge, you just have to choose, as there is something for every taste.

Want to experience the power and beauty of nature like never before? Need to get out of the house and feel alive again? Whitewater rafting may just be the adventure you need.

Rafting is an exciting adventure the whole family will enjoy. With professionally guided tours, your family will have an experience of a lifetime both safe and fun. For your next family vacation, forget the confines of an amusement park and have the experience of a lifetime. Rafting is a great family adventure everyone will enjoy and no o­ne will forget. Plan to get wet, have fun, and experience life.

Driving to the top of the Nisicka plateu you will notice breathtaking view of fields full of sheeps and cows nearby the villages. People that are living here are famous for organic food, milk products. Its a perfect place for mountain bike or hiking and walking trough the forests.
Bijambare tract, encompassing 370 ha, is recently proclaimed by law as protected area of the fifth grade (“protected landscape”). It is traditionally highly valued because of its natural beauty and richness. The Reserve is situated in the northeast slopes of the Canton Sarajevo near Nisici highland.
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