Escape to the grandeur of Athens on the 7 to 10-day journey through the ancient and modern history of the Cradle of Western Civilization. The city and its surroundings linger in the hearts and minds of the world as a Golden Age of human philosophy, where the pillars of temples represent the pillars of modern day thought. Revel in an Athenian getaway, where the past comes to life, turquoise beaches glisten beneath the sunlight, and even Poseidon welcomes you with open arms.

Arrive in Athens and ready yourself for the majesty of the city that often goes overlooked. Stroll along the Plaka, one of the oldest continuously used streets in Athens and Europe, where the gentle light of the Acropolis glitters in the afternoon sky. Your tour through modern and early Athens takes you through the variety of history, from the Palace of Otto I to literal layers of the ancient city on display within the metro station at Syntagma Square, from the foyer of the new Acropolis Museum to along the coveted steps of the Parthenon. Walk along the city center and the brilliance of history is inescapable.

Your holiday in Athens continues at your leisure with each day bringing a new site to see, experience, and delight in. Discover the greatness of the neighborhoods of Anfiotika and Psiri, one encompassing the splendid architecture of the islands, the other bringing the modern art of food and culture to the heart of the city. Visit the wonderful Temple of Poseidon, set against the backdrop of the sea along the shores of Cape Sounion. With so much beauty to behold you won’t want the escape to end. Extend your time in Athens with three nights along the Athenian Riviera, reveling in the five-star Luxury Beach Resort of Astir Palace, spreading out beneath the sun on the soft shores of the bay.

A private representative will meet you and take you past the rolling hills that surround the city, where lush branches of olive trees reach into the morning sun; past the marble studded mountains that continue to be quarried, where finally you arrive in Athens’s vibrant center. Stroll along the Plaka, one of Athens’s oldest streets. Antique mansions stretch along the cobblestones. The city comes alive along the streets, filled with locals and visitors, the creamy aroma of olive oil, and the awareness that you have arrived.
Visiting historical places in Athens. You can also see see part of the modern spiral of Athens wrapping around the Acropolis, from the seaside to the foothills, where once the entire city could be viewed from the hilltop.
Today will be explored and experienced at your pace, on your time, however you wish it to be spent. On the northern slopes of Acropolis Hill rising above the entrance of the old agora is the neighborhood of Anfiotika. Enjoy a visit to the Cyclades without ever leaving Athens.
Get to know Athens in as much detail as you wish, venturing through new neighborhoods, each street as diverse and eclectic as entire cities. The neighborhood of Psiri is decorated with endless quaint streets and charming cafes.
There is always more to see and do in and around Athens, today is no exception, giving you the opportunity to witness some of the best the city with the freedom of time on your side. Visit the Central Market to see how the locals shop, eat, and barter, where the fresh seafood is on display for everyone, the local grains are demarcated and ready to be sold by the kilo, and the effervescence of ripe produce glitters beneath the lights.
Going to the airport.
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